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Lucy Charlotte Benson (1860-1943)

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Leading Amateurs - a pictorial history (December 2021)

Lady Conductor - a novel (mid 2022)

Lucy Charlotte Benson was a singer, teacher, choral director and conductor. She produced dozens of musicals and light operas, competing with great success in interstate musical competitions. She was an artiste who made a significant contribution to the cultural life of Tasmania. She was the “leading amateur” of her time.

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In the moment that the girl took to the small dais, the room became uncharacteristically quiet. The applause of welcome stilled to silence.  This child of twelve stood motionless whilst her teacher settled himself at the piano. She held a bouquet in her hands, lightly, as if she the flowers would float away if she let them. And then she sang.


For Lucy, waiting her turn at the side of the dais, a portal to heaven opened. The was a beating on the air like angel’s wings, overtones rising heavenward. Each note contained within in it something infinite and beyond comprehension. When the final chord rang in the roof, Lucy looked to see if there was another voice of which she had been unaware. Then she realised she had become a taut membrane, stretched to extremity in sympathy with the song. That which had been on the periphery of her hearing, now thrummed in her inner being. (Lady Conductor)

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Leading Amateurs

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