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Set in 1833, Sophia Degraves of Cascades Brewery meets her husband's friends and foes in a 40 minute play performed in the Gallery at the Cascades Visitor Centre, Hobart, Tasmania. Friday, Saturday and Monday at 2pm. $25 with concessions ($10) and group discounts.


Show is available for Corporate Events, School Groups and Special Events. Teachers notes and Historical notes available.

Tripadvisor Review:

We went for lunch on a beautiful day and were admiring the lovely gardens when a charming lady in period costume greeted us. She introduced herself as Sophia Degraves, wife of the founder and owner of the Brewery, and invited us to attend a performance where she told us her story. It is a remarkable and very interesting tale, and very engagingly presented by Anne Blythe-Cooper as Sophia and her son James Colbourn-Keogh who quickly switches between several male characters. Anne has also written a book about Sophia called "The Shape of Water". This show takes about half an hour and is a wonderful addition to the museum and historical displays at the Visitor Centre. Highly recommended.

Visited January 2017


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